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Video of The Linux Labs Meeting 8-20-2000

Interview with Linus Torvalds June 2001

Please Note that the Linux Labs User Group has Morphed into the Linux Public Broadcasting Network www.lpbn.org

Some of the recent videos available include complete LIVE NASA Shuttle Endeavour coverage and The Southern California Linux Expo Presentations by such presentors as Sun Microsystems, IBM, Kernel Developers, and the founder of PHP

An LPBN interview with the Red Hat Road Tour Team about the new Red Hat 8.0 release is soon to be posted

The Red Hat Road Tour Round Table discussion on Linux and Universities at USC is now posted.

We meet weekly at the Tom Bradley Youth and Family Center located at West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019

Meeting Date: Monday Nights at 8:30PM

Switching from HTTP to HTTPS

Upcoming weeks at the Linux Labs - Building the largest most versatile PBS in the world

The Linux Public Broadcasting Network

OPEN March 24th Today From 2:00PM Till ?:00 in the afternoon LPBN meets at the Linux Labs. Burbank Blvd. Apt 2 Van Nuys, CA (818) 782-1466

Just getting together to discuss the LPBN sponsorship packages for the Multinationals

This week at the Linux Labs we will install an LPBN Community Broadcasting Server. Be here and don't be late.

Today we will cover Upload server; Portal Sites and Upcoming webcast of the WINE Conference.

Announcement: The Linux Labs Group is open again on Sundays. I finally got the place cleaned up. What a job.

Announcement: The Mid City LA LU had its first meeting yesterday at the Tom Bradley Center. 6 people attended. We meet Every Saturday from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. We will be broadcasting all future meetings live.

Announcement: LPBN is holding workshops Monday Evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 at the Tom Bradley Youth and Family Center in Los Angeles.

10-28-01 Closed due to Work Overload

10-21-01 Closed due to a server install at the Bradley Center

10-14-01 Development of the program that deletes old links and creates new random links. Then IMP Webmail.

09-23-01 Closed - will be webcasting live from the Black Business Expo in Los Angeles.

09-16-01 Installed and configured Darwin Streaming Server.

09-09-01 Two enthusiasts worked hands on from 12:00 till 10:00 pm. A record breaking ten hour Linux labs. If you need hands on for installion and configuration issues this is the place to be.

09-02-01 We used Partition Magic to repartition two windows notebook drives. We then installed Linux on both machines.

09-01-01 Tomorrow we will work on some Linux stuff

08-25-01 The agenda for tomorrow is to create a video on how to set up real for broadcasting video on the net.

08-16-01 The Linux Public Broadcasting Network is now a Source Forge project

The Linux Labs UG will be working to further the development of LPBN. We are seeking all audio and video Linux content. If you know of material please email [email protected] If you have a server and would like to become a member of the LPBN please let us know.

Content can be most anything even home videos. Sexually explicit materials are not allowed on the network. No advertising or commercials are allowed on the Network. You may visit the network at lpbn.sourceforge.net.

08-16-01 Closed this week due to work overload

08-03-01 The Apache series has been sacrificed to the Linux Public Broadcasting Network.

This user group and another group that is being set up will focus for the remainder of the year on content, system design, and implementation of the LPBN.org/.net

If you are interested in changing the world this is the place to be.

07-29-01 A web page is now up at www.lpbn.org as the first page of The Linux Public Broadcasting Network.

The page is simply a statement that the project has started. The page has three items to check out.

A discussion of the project and how it operates will soon follow.

07-27-01 Important statistics: Art Bell hit a peek bandwidth usage of 36.1MB. Approx. 4,000 users were connected at 9Kbps

What this means is that if 100 Linux groups join the Linux Public Broadcasting Network we will have capacity to be the largest Internet

radio station in the world!

07-23-01 The Linux Labs is now a smoke free environment. The host stopped smoking.

07-21-01 Launched www.lpbn.org/net The Linux Public Broadcasting Network today.

06-28-01 Hey. Tecwise, Inc. has been swamped with work so this site has not been updated this month. Oh well. Listen to Linus. The interview is more interesting than what would be written here anyhow.

05-13-01 We configured a Samba server today.

04-15-01 We made a demonstration video of listening to our own music from our own Linux server while driving around in a car. We connected to the server wireless to and through the Internet to our server. Our connection was at the full 65Kbps of the audio stream. We had fun.

04-08-01 Just two people met and we discussed streaming audio to create a nice music station to listen to.

04-01-01 We setup MySQL, DBI, DBD and created a few cgi scripts to show how to make database driven web sites.

03-18-01 Live broadcasting at The Linux Labs. Three enthusiasts showed today. We streamed a some video. Just to get all the settings correct before we completely forgot how to do it. We also set up raid level 1 with two disks of slightly different sizes. hda would keep losing its irq until we set it up as the smaller of the two disks.

03-11-01 Three of us showed up today. We brought up a pentium 100 for a router. Also we searched the Internet for neat PC components. After lab ended at 5:00 I configured my first raid array. Only two disks but 6 primary partitions. Next weekend we will discuss the fstab file and Lilo.

03-04-01 Lot of people today. Yoshio, Tarry, Stewart, ....and so on. John made a guest video appearance from his home in Arcadia. We worked on getting a UUCP account up and running. Also worked on notebook drivers and drivers for PCI modems and a bad mother...board. We discussed 802.11 and the associated hardware.

02-25-01 Kind of a neat lab yesterday. We did videoconferancing over DSL. It worked! We also configured a server/router and set another machine in place to be a masq'd server that will have prescence on the Internet through port forwarding from the router. John was here.

02-18-01 We brought up Samba and installed windows on a dual-boot Linux system but didn't have enough time to load a modified Tulip.o lan driver for an HP Laptop. Didn't have enough time because the fingerpad hit some extra times on its own and erased /etc. The re-install of Linux was a success.

02-10-01 Two of us met and discussed wireless solutions for kids - how to kid proof the PC. The kids tend to do unpleasant things to and with computers. Our solution is to give them only what is required such as the keyboard mouse and screen. We will design for the cpu's to be centrally located and go out wireless to the peripherals.

On the 18th we will configure lan cards, disk copy hardrives, and set up SAMBA.

02-03-01 Four of us met today and worked unsuccessfully to get a zoom modem to work with earthlink's point-to-point-over-ethernet protocol and login. We also installed RH 7.0 on a computer with a bad motherboard and defective hard disk. Not hard to imagine - the install had problems. The computer works...sometimes.

01-21-01 Three of us met today. We discussed VoIP, VoDSL, and SIP. We are experimenting with Voice over IP. We have several voice cards in.

01-14-01 Labs is over. We only had one person show today. A 78 year old, strong as an ox, came in carrying a 19" monitor, printer, pc and box of peripherials. We got his printer to print from Word Perfect 2000. We set his fstab file so his windows disk could be read by Linux. And, we got his floppy drive to work. Great day today. Everything worked! See you next week.

01-07-01 We had 5 people over this week. Discussed the proliferation of Linux and did one install.

Closed for New Year's Eve

We will have a meeting on 12-17-00. This weekend many people are going to an installfest and I'll be at the Computer Market Place in Reseda. Have fun.


Nice meeting.


This week we have the software and will discuss some of the applications that we will use the Linux cluster for.


The software did not get in this week for the Cluster. We will begin the installation the weekend after this weekend.

The 100MBps switch is in.

11-13-00 This weekend we discussed the trend in computing. The future of computing will center around distributed processing. A god-like super computer will soon be created by forming a Linux cluster of 10,000 nodes. The cluster will be connected through high speed Internet connections. During the week a rack and a switch will be purchased. Next weekend we will begin building an 8 node Linux Cluster. Predictions are that within 5 years, during the transition of a zero to a one somewhere, something on the Internet will awaken.

See you next week.

10-29-00: We installed three Red Hats and built one computer. And wrestled with unruley but very inexpensively priced network cards. We also set up varius server configuration files.

Check out the new listings in the employment link.

10-22-00 We configured and modified dhcpd and almost completed kickstart. The our kickstart machine only has 400MB. We had some diffuculty at the end and will continue next week. Last week we rebuilt the RH 7.0 Kernel.

Next week we will do a disk recovery and finish kickstart. Hope to see you here.

10-15-00 Bring any questions regarding Red Hat Release 7.0. They've made many improvements as well as made a number of superfluous and disturbing changes.

Note: this site may be reached by typing www.thelinuxlabs.org. DNS is on. Virtual hosting is up and running!

10-4-00 We installed an Apache server on a computer for Torche Middle School. The machine is a pentium 75 with 32 MB ram and a one gig HD. And it works great. So that is a wonderful use for machines that are not very powerful and don't have much memory. Classroom webservers. Tests, Instructions and whatever can all be done in HTML and viewed whenever and from where ever. We also downloaded and burned RH 7.0 CD's. The webmaster and creator of yolinux.com was here. What a great website. Check it out: www.yolinux.com The meeting went well. Have a great time at yolinux...till next week.-TLLUG.

The good news of the week was that Microsoft bought Corel (25%). Now the direction for an Office Suite for Linux is set....Star Office. MSFT bought Corel for its ASP software distribution division as well as to bury any Linux Office product that may compete with MS Office. So that leaves Star Office the winner and champion of Linux. The Linux Labs is removing all Corel products from our machines.

9-22-00 I downloaded a demo version of GoJo this week and am hereby putting out a request for someone to install it this weekend. If anyone is interested please email us. GoJo provides a Linux applications server for windows and Linux. -Raymond


We give special thanks to Randall and George today. With little trouble they were able to get the first dual boot Linux system running on one of the school's computers.

Big day at TLLUG. 8 people showed and a lot is beginning to happen with Linux and schools and community centers. The main item is: we need an applications server that will provide low end workstations the ability to use office software. And, we also need a solution where only the monitors, keyboards and mice are out with the kids. If anyone reading this has a solution please email us.

A current example is: we have five pentium 90's with 16 MBs of ram and one gig HDs. We'd like dual boot systems but really can't quite do it with the distribution installs. Almost. But the worst part would be to put out Linux systems that were dog slow and churn forever as they run out of memory. What does it mean. Well it means if we can't find a solution soon the computers are going back to the schools with MS Windows on them. If anyone knows of computers that have more power that are available to be donated to the Torche Middle School, again, please let us know.

John recommended installing Linux without all the bloat features in the dists. I'll install it as text based and make an update to let you know how it goes.

The group has reached critical mass. A monthly meeting place for about 40 people would be nice. The apartment here will always be open Sundays. But enthusiasm now has attendance near maximum capacity. With a large meeting place, guest speakers will be able to make presentations to an audience and everyone interested will be able to attend. The 5 hour hands on stuff can still be accomplished on Sunday's here. We are looking.

We have a camera and video capture board that displays fine print at a distance of 5 feet away and at a streaming rate of 45kbps. With these tools the possibilities are tremendous.

Click here to see the test of the camera

We are seeking people to make presentations here at the apartment on technical Linux topics. The presentations will be video taped and available for streaming out to the audience of the world (that's a big audience) from this site. If you are interested email us. Your presentation will be played over and over again anytime some one wants info on your topic. The small setting makes for an easy presentation as well as a good recording environment.

Also note that if you would like to put up a presentation on the InterActive Educational site for Gnome we'd appreciate it. We would put created and produced by your name on it if you like. The presentation should be similar to the ones that are currently being produced. Or, we can discuss what you have in mind and work something out. The intent is to get detailed instruction sets out to Linux users that will use them. By the way you don't even have to live in CA or the US to participate.

Till next week...enjoy.

9-15-00 Announcement: The Linux Labs UG has received 5 computers from a local school to install Linux on. We will begin installations this weekend.


Today we decided to use a standard configuration for school computers. The base system will be RedHat 6.2. Apache and DHCP will be configured on one computer and SAMBA will be configured on another. Workstations will have educational open source software applications as well as free downloadable CorporateWare. Two of the 25 RedHat software packages were accepted by one of the local schools. Although school installations will be ongoing a date is being decided for a "Linux for Schools: Installfest" presentation. The presentation will explain why schools and Linux are a perfect match. A video will be made and available at this web site for world viewing. Till later...be kind and have fun.

9-2-00 The http access.log file is getting longer quicker. A lot of people are beginning to use this site. It's happening!

8-30-00 The Linux Labs receives 25 Red Hat 6.2 Deluxe software packages from Red Hat to install on school and community center computers.

8-27-00 We installed a SAMBA server on behalf of the kids. Francis went and bought us Chinese food for lunch. Thanks Francis. Raymond worked on locking burglars out of the server. George loaded and configured various software. Francesca got her notebook to record sound files for her school presentations. A very nice day.

8-20-00 The Linux Labs UG was all hands on today. We even installed Windows 98. We only did that so the computer could be sold and replaced with a more appropriate Linux Workstation. Steve and John really helped us out.We worked on a DHCP router, a Samba server, and a DNS server. One item that was discussed is a Virtual Linux Labs using VIC. John is a super programmer and with his help we can do it. In less than a month you should have the ability to attend and participate in the meetings over the net.

8-13-00 The group met today and we did a few things. Raymond was able to untar his Makefile for DNS thanks to John. We were not able to resolve a monitor configuration issue. Most importantly we discussed getting a large meeting place for once a month meetings. Seems like things are moving along fine. The Linux Labs is working on getting Linux into the school system and the community centers.

And, although not anything to write home about, we did our first live broadcast of The Linux Labs! It is 4 hours long. Streamed at 45 kbps. The file size is 302 MB. Not bad at all. At The Linux Labs we will continue to work on getting streaming Linux educational material out to the people that wish to view it. For right now the fact that we did the first live broadcast means a lot. Very encouraging. Obviously we need a camera man and a camcorder and a software editing package and a better microphone and a video capture board and ....on and on. And, Yes we accept donations and sponsors. We would love most any company for ever if they have something useful to donate. I say, "most any" because of you know who in WA.

Till next week...have fun.


It is 10:15 We have the live broadcast going. No one is here yet. A few new people called and said they were on their way over. In the mean time I'm going back to configuring the chroot security aspect of DNS.

8-11-00 The ready light on my second dsl modem just came on after a month and a half wait. That means I have to connect a DHCP DSL modem.

I also have to set up a DHCP and BootP server and a DNS server this weekend. Lots of fun. I just finished the perl version of the processing part of the stock analysis software. The next step is to create a browser interface for it.

8-6-00 Today we outlined the web site implementation, looked at a few Perl scripts and verified and purchased a url. In other words we planted the seeds for the future of The Linux Labs. We will be doing live and recorded tutorials in the near future. The Linux Labs meets every week. Stop by and check us out.

7-30-00 The Linux Labs Users Group had a great day. The group is growing. Special thanks to Paul, Marc and Francis. As Paul proved, age is no barrier when it comes to Linux. Paul was most helpful in getting the rest of us un-stuck. Also, this site will be undergoing a face lift from a professional web site developer and others. Francis got Linux installed on a machine without a CD ROM - imagine that! Marc got RedHat 6.2 installed in text mode on a notebook computer. And, Raymond and Paul configured another LRP router.

We may start live videos if interest is confirmed among members. Sort of like ZD NET TV.

If you know everything about Linux please stop in we'd like you to prove it. If you don't know anything about Linux stop in. We have a few things to show you.

Till next Sunday...Have a good week.


We have several projects this weekend. One is to continue with the over-the-LAN install. I have to set up another Linux router. I'd also like to turn it into a print server. And the Perl code section of the web site needs lots of sample code added to it. Whatever your interested in doing, we can do it here at The Linux Labs Users Group. Come on over and try it out.

The group has started a perl code section. There is only one program in it at this time. As development continues more will be added.

Pearl Code

7-23-00 We did a partial install of RedHat 6.2 over the network. Our plans are to try several different over-the-local net installs to determine the optimal method (and the safest). This week's Lab...to be continued.

7-16-00 today there are only two of us here. We decided to work on Perl. If you are in the area, stop in.


I went to the LILAX meeting. Boy, was I glad I went. They had a presentation on Perl. The Speaker had four programs that use four essential web interface commands. The link to the speaker's site will soon be up on the LILAX web site. One program for stock downloads from Yahoo caught my interest. I asked the Speaker if it could be modified to download historical stock prices. He said no problem and quickly modified the code, on my computer. Now I can automatically download historical prices and bring them into the financial analysis software that I've developed.

That wasn't what I went to the meeting for but you never know when you go what benefits you'll get. This time I found a real treasure.


We downloaded and installed Corel PhotoPaint on a RedHat 6.2 machine. Its quick. Its slick. Its free! Also we got connectivity to the NT server. Three people showed.We looked at the Linux Off-Line CDs and downloaded various programs from the web. Easy day today.

What a great day today. I went down to the LULA group; to the Install Fest. We got the LRP router to accept the ISA SMC nics. Also, I got closer to resolving another configuration task.

So far at the Linux Labs we have:

1) installed numerous versions of Linux.

2) installed and configured SAMBA

3) installed and configured APACHE

4) installed and configured RealServer

5) installed and configured the LRP router

6) installed and configured NFS

7) installed and configured FTP

Future events will include Web enabled DataBase applications, NT connectivity and configuring the kernal to get those old 486's to run apps off a Linux server.

6-15-00 Announcement: Today The Linux Labs User's Group recieved official recognition from RedHat in the form of a start up kit containing two T-shirts, two RedHat 6.2 Linux software packages, numerous stickers, the proceedings of the 5th Annual Linux Expo and a package of two Linux Offline CD's.

Thankyou RedHat. We appreciate your contributions.


We installed the live streaming media server. Click at the top of this page for a sample of streaming media


This week at The Linux Labs User's Group meeting on Sunday we will install RealServer for RedHat Linux. Learn how to stream live video over the Internet.

6-4-00 We installed the web server on RedHat Linux, set up passwords, and demo'd video over the internet via the server. Stay tuned for next weeks session.


APACHE web server installation this Sunday. It will be an interesting meeting. Learn how to set up your own web server (host your own web site(s)). It is very easy but there is a lot to it.

This page is on The TecWise Apache web server. The server is sitting beside me.


Today we set up a Samba server on Red Hat Linux and on Corel Linux. I was very happy to get the Red Hat installation to work because I first tried using Samba with Red Hat about 5 months ago and couldn't get it to work with the information I had. By using additional info from Corel Linux, and cross-referencing, a solution was obtained. We still have many more questions for another lab session.

But right now the success feels great.

Next weeks lab is on the Apache Web Server. Be here and don't be late.

5-20-00 Linux Labs from 10:00AM to 2:00 PM Sunday May 21, 2000

Scheduled event: Samba

1. Installation

A. rpm -ivh samba-version.i386.rpm and rpm -ivh smbfs-version.i386.rpm

2. Configuration

A. /etc/smb.conf

1. The Global configuration

2. The Homes configuration

3. The Printers configuration

3. Testing

A. testparm utility

4. Starting the Samba server

5. Using a linux file server on Windows

6. Using a Windows file server on Linux



Today we discussed File and print services and shared a lot of info. We really didn't get into the nitty gritty. But, next week the Lab is on File and Print services using SAMBA on Corel and Red Hat Linux. If you plan to attend, put your red hat on, because we're going to take the penguin for a ride. The time will be the same Sunday from 10:00AM till 2:00PM. On Saturday I'm going to the Linux vendor fair at eLinux. The fair is at the [email protected] group location in Torrance.

5-11-00 5:30PM

Linux Labs tomorrow morning at 10:00AM. Coffee and doughnuts. Tomorrows agenda: To install a print server on a LAN and/or wherever the day takes us.


Info for getting IP chains to work. Once the nics are configured add these two lines to your /etc/rc.d/rc.local file:

/sbin/ipchains -A forward -j MASQ -s -d

/sbin/ipchains -P forward DENY

An assumption: your local network is 192.168.0

Read 5-7-00 for link to the 486 floppy router install

You don't need to create the router on a dedicated machine but if you do the instructions are there. Also, a message at the link talks about setting the router up for a dynamic IP address using only one ethernet card.

5-10-00 Please HELP!

Thanks to the [email protected] group I now know my nfs problem is in the fstab settings.

I've been trying to get Corel Linux NFS to allow clients to mount an exported fs, but haven't been successful yet. I get a permission denied message. I have all the right configurations that I know of. What is the problem? Never mind. I got it. The exports file on the server and the fstab file on the client have special settings because Corel is supposedly making things easier by automating Corel Linux. Unfortunately I don't have much in the way of server administration documentation. Their little HTML server admin help files are sever-ly inadequate.


Today we successfully installed a Linux firewall on a 486.

We ran into several problems. First we didn't notice that our screen wasn't showing us the complete picture. We couldn't see what we were typing
or what was being echoed back. Once we corrected that problem the router install was a breeze.

Except it didn't work. We were able to ping each of the nics but unable to ping any other machine. I had to change the bios settings. I assigned IRQ
11 to legacy ISA and the router works perfect. Initially the router program gave me a message that said it was switching to half duplex. Afterwards
the output was matched the output on the instruction sheet. Next week we will continue with the router installation and we will set the router machine up as a print

For the instructions to set up an old 486 as a router so you can run multiple machines to the Internet through one IP address click on the link below.
If the link gets outdated you can call me. I have a copy here.


Related Information: From "IP-Masquerade-HOWTO-2.html."

2.5 How does IP Masquerade Work?

>From the original IP Masquerade FAQ by Ken Eves:

Here is a drawing of the most simple setup:

In the above drawing, a Linux box with IP_MASQUERADING is installed as
Linux #1 and is connected to the Internet via SLIP/or/PPP using modem1. It has
an assigned public IP address of 111.222.333.444. It also has modem2 connected
to allow callers to dial-in and start a SLIP/or/PPP connection.

The second system (which doesn't have to be running Linux) calls into the
Linux #1 box and starts a SLIP/or/PPP connection. It does NOT have a publicly
assigned IP address from the Internet so it uses the private address (see below for more info)

With IP Masquerade and the routing configured properly, the machine
"Anybox" can interact with the Internet as if it was directly connected to the
Internet (with a few small exceptions).

Quoting Pauline Middelink:

Do not forget to mention that the "ANYBOX" machine should have the
Linux #1 box configured as its gateway (whether is be the default route or just
a subnet is no matter). If the "ANYBOX" machine can not do this, the Linux
machine should be configured to support proxy arp for all routed addresses. But,
the setup and configuration of proxy arp is beyond the scope of the document.

The following is an excerpt from a previous post on comp.os.linux.networking which
has been edited to match the names used in the above example:

o I tell machine ANYBOX that my PPP or SLIPed Linux box is its gateway.
o When a packet comes into the Linux box from ANYBOX, it will assign it
a new TCP/IP source port number and slap its own IP address in the packet
header, saving the originals. The MASQ server will then send the modified
packet out over the SLIP/PPP interface to the Internet.
o When a packet returns from the Internet to the Linux box, Linux examines
if the port number is one of those ports that was assigned above. If so, the
MASQ server will get the original port and IP address, put them back in the
returned packet header, and send the packet to ANYBOX.
o The host that sent the packet will never know the difference.

5-1-00 Last Sunday we installed a dual boot Corel OS/Windows and Word Perfect 2000. The installation was a breeze. Also no problems with configuring Samba. The Office suite loads Windows files as if the files belonged to Word Perfect 2000. We had a discussion of how Corel seems to be a serious threat to Microsoft. Not so much because of its superior products but because of the economics of Corel Linux / Word Perfect 2000 versus Microsft. Also the fact that Corel will soon be offering its software via Applications Service Providers. For pennies on the dollar a corporation can go with Corel versus Microsoft. That means Microsoft's margins will shrink, their stock price will fall and their lead engineers will leave in droves. Now is the time for Linux!

Upcoming weeks meeting will be: Installing a Linux router on a 486 floppy drive. The meeting is at the same time and at the same place. Call for reservations.


The third meeting of TecWise Linux Labs meets on Sunday, April 30, 2000 at Burbank Blvd. Apt 2 Van Nuys, CA 91411. Time: from 9:00AM to 1:00PM. Space is limited to 8 so call ahead of time. We will have coffee and doughnuts as well as soda.

The lab will include installing Word Perfect Office 2000 and a Linux overview. In particular a discussion of the Linux networking components. And, why Red Hat is the dominant Linux vendor. We actually will do whatever seems interesting at the time. I mean Linux is fascinating enough to sit down and try things out for hours on end.


This Sunday is the second Linux Lab at Burbank Blvd. Apt 2, Van Nuys, CA. We will have just a few people to set the agenda for the upcoming weeks.