The following was submitted to as an application for a grant. The Linux Labs UG has taken on this project as an ongoing effort to assist those interested in having Linux work smoothly. Please contact The Linux Labs UG if you would like to help with this project.

Title: Interactive Educational System for GNOME

Synopsis: A detailed streaming explanation of all Linux Conf modules as well as all GNOME GUI menu items.

A very detailed and clearly stated instructional set of slideshows, diagrams, explanations, speaker commentaries, and tests, combined with message-board feedback on all configurable and/or selectable items in the GNOME GUI. As a user and network engineer the single greatest hindrance to using Linux is lack of effective documentation. The Linux Labs UG is committed to developing an easy to use interactive educational system for the Gnome interface. A sample of this system may be viewed at

The Linux Labs User Group is installing Linux computer systems into various schools within the LA school district. The Interactive Educational System for Gnome, designed for use by the school district and all other interested parties, intends to eliminate the expense associated with third party consultation services. A novice user that goes to the site will be able to accomplish advanced network configuration by following the instructions and examples at the web site. Providers of various Linux distributions intentionally omit Linux network configuration documentation from their products because the core of their business model is service-generated revenue. The Interactive Educational System for Gnome will fill the void left by the business model, reduce the service expense associated with Linux, and thus make acceptance of Linux more appealing.

The steps to the implementation of this project

1) The sequence of subjects addressed shall be from the most useful and most requested items to the least useful and least requested items. Usefulness shall be determined by analyzing user feedback and from analysis of message board subjects.

2) Each subject covered shall use the same structured outline.

A. Graphical Overview
B. Streaming Slideshow for broadband and dial-up users.
C. Text based equivalent of the slideshow content.
D. Explanation of associated configuration files.
E. An interactive test to help Linux certification enthusiasts.
F. A feedback message board to address user questions and to guide us on improvements.

3) Review to verify the completeness and accuracy of each subject covered.

4) Review to verify that all material, including soundtracks, are free from copyright infringement.

Any funding if granted will be used for media production expenses - in other words, hardware and software. If the review board deems our project critical to the proliferation of Linux and is willing to grant funding beyond hardware and software expenses then arrangements may be made to implement full time development.

The Linux Labs User Group is completely non-profit. We make no money and have none. All items in the group's possession are donated.

Thank you for any and all considerations.


Raymond Steding